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Traveler’s life insurance today is a common procedure for life and health insurance that plans to travel abroad or tour the cities of Russia. It is important to understand that without insurance, entry into the territory of the Russian Federation is not possible.

Insurance companies allocate the following types of travel insurance:
1. Basic insurance, which provides insurance payments in the event of acute diseases, accidents and death from it, various types of injuries and damage.
2. Extended insurance, which in addition to the basic set will cover the costs associated with cancellation of the trip, loss of property, the occurrence of insurance claims against the car.

Foreign citizens entering the territory of the Russian Federation must necessarily have an insurance policy, regardless of the purpose of the trip and the length of stay. The amount of insurance is based on the principle of what is the cost of insurance for Russians in the territory of the country of the incoming tourist, this will be for him. It is important to remember that the term of the insurance policy should cover the entire period for which a visa is issued or act at the time of the first visit to Russia. In this case, the foreign tourist must submit a document in which he undertakes to purchase an insurance policy for the period of subsequent trips.
Russians who plan a trip through the territory of their country can also arrange medical insurance for tourists. This policy guarantees medical care, consultation of highly qualified doctors and, if necessary, treatment in medical institutions. It is also possible to additionally conclude insurance that covers the costs associated with exacerbation of chronic diseases, complications during pregnancy and trauma during sports.
Registration of an insurance policy does not take long, does not require a large package of documents, and the cost is calculated based on the insured person’s requirements for the list of insured events and the amount of insurance payments.

We have prepared for you the calculation of travel insurance for Russia for 7, 14, 30 and 90 days

period age price, RUB
30 000 $ 50 000 $
7 days 0-18 950 985
18-55 950 985
55-65 950 985
65-70 1300 1370
70-74 1300 1370
14 days 0-18 1300 1370
18-55 1300 1370
55-65 1300 1370
65-70 2000 2140
70-74 2000 2140
30 days 0-18 1950 2100
18-55 1950 2100
55-65 1950 2100
65-70 3300 3600
70-74 3300 3600
90 days 0-18 4200 4650
18-55 4200 4650
55-65 4200 4650
65-70 7800 8700
70 7800 8700

To calculate insurance for other dates, call + 7-812-575-56-39, +7-960-234-52-53 WhatsApp, Wiber

he insurance of Russia leaving for Russia, as well as those entering Russia is a very important detail. The tour operator BP Travel Agency is preparing an insurance policy for both Russian citizens and foreigners. The cost of which will be from 400 rubles.
This will make your stay both in Russia and abroad legitimate, which means more comfortable.
Our company cooperates only with the most reliable insurance companies:
1. Limited liability company «Central Insurance Company» (LLC «CSR»)
has its history since 2000, the former name of Insurance Company Avtostrakh LLC. In 2013, the insurance company Avtostrakh was renamed to Central Insurance Company LLC. The authorized capital of LLC «CSR» is 855 million rubles. The Company has Licenses of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation of SL # 3517, SI No. 3517, OS No. 3517-03, OS No. 3517-04, OS No. 3517-05, and License No. 3517 for the right to conduct reinsurance activities. LLC «CSR» is a member of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers (RSA), the All-Russian Union of Insurers (ARIA), the National Union of Insurers of Responsibility (NCCO), the Association of Agro-Industrial Insurers «Agropromstrakh», the Association of Russian Insurers (APC) and several other associations and associations.
2. Limited Liability Company «Advant-Insurance»
Year of foundation: 1996
The authorized capital of the company is: 120.1 million rubles.
Trademark: Registered in the State Register of Trademarks and Service Marks on December 10, 2009 for services of the 36th class of MKTU (insurance)
Certificate of the Russian Federation for trademark No. 396004
Participation in professional associations and social unions: All-Russian Union of Insurers
Union of Insurers of St. Petersburg and the North-West Russian Union of the Tourist Industry
Expert Council on the organization of activities for insurance of construction risks and liability of the Public Council for Self-Regulation under the Government of St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry Leningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
3. OAO AlfaStrakhovanie
AlfaStrakhovanie Group is one of the largest Russian insurance companies with a universal portfolio of services, which includes both comprehensive programs for protecting business interests and a wide range of insurance products for individuals. According to the license, the group offers more than 100 products, including life insurance products.
AlfaStrakhovanie Group unites AlfaStrakhovanie, AlfaStrakhovanie-Life LLC, AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS LLC, AlfaStrakhovaniya Medical LLC. The AlfaStrakhovanie Group is part of the Alfa-Group financial and industrial consortium: Alfa-Bank, Alfa-Capital, A1, Rosvodokanal, Alfa Asset Management (Europe) SA, X5 RetailGroup. Alfa Group * is a set of independent businesses that operate primarily in the markets of Russia and the CIS.
AlfaStrakhovanie Group has a reputation for being a reliable and sustainable company. Today, AlfaStrakhovanie Group is responsible for its obligations with its own funds with a consolidated authorized capital of 14.3 billion rubles.
The company became the winner of the fifth annual Travelers’ Choice award of the TripAdvisor portal in the category «Favorite travel insurance company» and took the third place in the rating of successful insurers of legal entities for 2015 according to the portal Comparison.ru. The rating agency Expert RA recognized Alfa Insurance as the leader in the travel insurance and banking risks market, and the international online travel agency Tripsta confirmed the status of the leader, calling AlfaStrakhovanie the company with the highest level of trust among Russian travelers.


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