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UEFA 2020

The UEFA 2020 ™ European Football Championship will be held from June 12 to July 12, 2020 in 13 cities across Europe: London, Munich, Baku, St. Petersburg, Rome, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Dublin, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Bilbao, Brussels and Budapest.

The stadium in St. Petersburg is considered one of the best in Europe, and therefore several UEFA matches will be held in Russia/ Let’s plan a trip! And it doesn’t matter if you have a ticket or if you want to plunge into the football madness on the streets of the city along with thousands of other fans.

shedules in Saint Petersburg:

June 13 — Belgium — Russia
June 17 — Finland — Russia
June 22 — Finland — Belgium
July 3 — Quarter-finals




Every year during Moscow’s Museum Night more than 300 of Moscow’s museums and art centres are open until the early hours of the morning, welcoming visitors with no admission charge.

This is the only time of the year when cultural institutions across the country open in the evening and at night. Art galleries and museums, art spaces and theaters prepare special programs for visitors: exhibitions, concerts, quests and master classes.

What were the meanings of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in her paintings, what can be seen in the small museums of the Tretyakov Gallery and what made the table service that Catherine II ordered the ceramic artist Josiae Wedgwood famous for? Explore with us masterpieces from Russian and foreign museum collections.



St. George’s Tournament is the world’s largest jousting competition that accurately recreates the world of the Middle Ages in detail. This year, the grandest event of the Times and Epochs Festival will be held for the fifth time on an especially large-scale, with knights attending from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Australia, France, Great Britain, and Canada.

Medieval market
Historical picnic
The medieval warriors will test their combat skills in four disciplines.

Jousting – The knights gallop towards each other separated by a barrier, aiming to break a lance* on the enemy’s shield or knock him from his saddle.

Jousting lances are made from solid straight-grained fir and have a steel tip at the end – the impact can crush armor and send shields flying into the air.



This is a unique opportunity for the first time with your own eyes to see a triple somersault on rollers or to learn how to perform the “stupid Willy” trick on a scooter.

The festival program is a lot of different extreme disciplines. Traditionally, the program of the event contains tricks on BMX-bikes, snowmobiles, bikes, buggies, cars.

In recent years, PRORYV (Breakthrough) festival has become one of the brightest international events connected with extreme sports. Every year it is attended by outstanding foreign and Russian riders and athletes.

The audience will enjoy the tricks made at the limit of human capabilities by foreign extreme sports celebrities. Josh Sheehan will perform his signature double backflip on a motorcycle, and Terry Grant will drift with tires being changed without stopping the car. The kick scooter legend Ryan Williams will show a mind-blowing stunt called ‘Silly Willy’ – a full twisting 360 double frontflip. Spectators will also see monster trucks (bigfoot), jump ramp tricks and freestyle motocross with pyrotechnics. In the strongman category, Russian athletes will come up with an enhanced program – carrying a bunch of motorcycles at a time and car pulling.



Park Live Summer Festival is a new format for the well-known elements: music, creativity, entertainment, sunlight, fresh air, a smart audience and a positive atmosphere. Park Live Summer Festival is a new format for the well-known elements: music, creativity, entertainment, sunlight, fresh air, a smart audience and a positive atmosphere.

In 2020, My Chemical Romance, Placebo, The Killers, The Offspring, Deftonesб Sum 41, Machine GunKelly, Refused, Deftones, Don Broco will headlines of festival. This is one of the largest music festivals in Russia, and we highly recommend you visit it.



Every year highly anticipated event is the grand opening ceremony of the fountains in Peterhof. The event is loved by both children and adults who visit the park each year to see this magnificent holiday with a spectacular view and splendid fireworks.

Visiting the ceremony is a unique opportunity for the guests of the city as it happens only once a year. The scope of the event, the greatness of its history, the beauty of the park, the grandeur moment when the main fountain “Samson” is launched. This festival is a kind of hallmark of the city on the Neva River, the city where there is always a great sense of imagination and creativity, the embodiment of which is the fountains of Peterhof.



Scarlet Sails — The Russian holiday of school graduates, celebrated in St. Petersburg every year, as a rule, on the Saturday closest to the lightest white night. Runs 20–21 June 2020.

The Scarlet Sails graduates holiday is held in two stages:

  • big concert with elements of a theatrical performance on Palace Square
  • grandiose light-music pyrotechnic multimedia show in the Neva water area

Night show — a play on the water, where the main event is the passage along the embankments of the ship with red sails. His solemn movement is accompanied by specially prepared light show, fireworks and water performances. The whole show is fully synchronized with the music. The duration of the water performance is approximately 20 minutes.

BP travel are ready to offer you the best and most comfortable options for visiting this festival.



The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is a unique event in the world of business and economics.

The main events of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on 3–6 June, 2020 will take place at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Over the last 21 years, the Forum has become a leading global platform for members of the business community to meet and discuss the key economic issues facing Russia, emerging markets, and the world as a whole.

Each year, a series of major regional events, business forums, and meetings between members of the business community is held as part of efforts to promote the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Since its inception, SPIEF has become a significant international brand. This is perhaps the best global forum, drawing businesses from throughout the world to exchange best practices and competencies. SPIEF is a space for trust.

As part of the SPIEF business program, it is planned to continue the tradition of holding business forums of multilateral international formats of interaction in which Russia participates. A meeting of the Business Twenty Regional Advisory Council, the SCO, BRICS and ASEAN Business Forums, the Russian Forum of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, and youth day events will take place at the Forum venue.

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